I’ve been at Eden Development for just over two years now, and the last few months have seen some very exciting changes. As well as a move to an awesome new office, there has been a real drive towards fulfilling the ideals of the software craftmanship movement. In that vein, Eden has introduced an apprenticeship scheme to help pass the knowledge and experience of senior developers to more junior members of the team. I have been lucky enough that our CEO Chris Parsons has agreed to be my mentor. With more than ten years experience as a software professional, I have a lot to learn from him both in terms of coding and also in how to manage projects and clients.

This blog will serve as a record of my progress during my apprenticeship, documenting my successes, failures and interesting things I find along the way. In this first post, I thought I’d give a brief overview of my journey so far. I was a relative latecomer to programming; I was 18 before I started writing macros in VBA to speed up repetitive tasks in my first job. I fell in love with coding immediately. I was covertly making a boring job much more interesting. It gave me an opportunity to stretch myself, creating things that made other people’s lives easier and, best of all, I was being paid to do it. The only limit was my own knowledge, but even when what I was writing was fiddly or downright frustrating it was always fun. I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life.

After completing a degree in computer science and with a few freelance websites under my belt, I was fortunate enough to join Eden in September 2007. I’ve learnt a huge amount in the last two years, including BDD using RSpec and Cucumber, agile software development and how to work as part of a team to produce quality software that our clients love. But I still find it humbling to realise just how much is left to learn, and the journey that will take a lifetime is only just beginning.